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Best Property for Sale in Istanbul

Updated at 8 April 2016: Istanbul has been listed the top as the best city in Europe for the property investment as reported by the PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Land Institute. According to their survey, a common sentiment is related with Istanbul that it is considered as one of the few cities who have genuine investment potential. Here the real estate investors feel confident of its market. The main real of the booming industry for the property business is its transcontinental location. It is situated on both sides of the Bosphorus which is one of the busiest waterways in the world. It is connected with the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. With such a crucial location Istanbul consists of the European commercial and historical attraction when a third of the whole population lives in Asia. The aim of the article is to highlight on the property for sale in istanbul.


Istanbul is called as the melting pot of hundreds of various nationalities as well as religions as this is the home for more than 15 million people. There is one common thing in its diverse citizens that is a desire to get the most benefits on everything that the incredible city is offering with special mention of the real estate of Istanbul. Dynamic Istanbul is one of the most important hubs from the economic, cultural and political aspects among the northern hemisphere. Obviously the property rate in Istanbul has sky rocketed by more than 240% within the years 2004 to 2012. So it is obvious the rates of the properties are getting higher and main reason of the higher prices of the property of this dynamic city is their location in the prime areas.

property for sale in istanbul

Property for Sale in Istanbul

The central areas of the city of Istanbul attract the forefront of the property boom. The prime locations of this category are Taksim, Beyoglu and Sisli. Most of the reputed brands have invested their money in real estate property in these areas with luxury towers. There is property for sale in Istanbul which is marketed to the foreign buyers for the investment options. The central areas in Istanbul properties lie into two categories. The first category consists of 5-star luxurious big branded developments with height of reputation and a big price tag. In the second category lies the older Ottoman style that characterized the Istanbul traditional apartments. A basic estimate of the first category property for 1 bedroom is nearly about 250,000 Euros whereas the renovated property in the central of Istanbul is about 200,000 Euros. Istanbul real estate for sale .


Property for Sale in Istanbul- Suburbs

There are also cheaper properties in the outskirts of Istanbul such as Beylikduzu, Esenyurt and Bahcesehir. These newly developing suburb areas in Istanbul are offered to the investors with promises about the sharp growth of the property price and fixed rental income. In these outskirt areas a good number of new real estate investors are springing up who are catering commuters. These properties are comparatively cheaper price as these capitulate rental income of about 5% per annul. The basic range of these properties generally starts with 50,000 Euros for the 1-2 bedroom units.


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